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Celebrating 100 Years Of Herbal Medicine In Australia!

Be inspired by some of the world’s leading herbalists, naturopaths, researchers and Indigenous healers over a weekend of meeting, sharing and learning.

Traditional Wisdom, Future Practice

The NHAA is proud to present more than 50 inspiring sessions at our 11th International Conference, to showcase traditional medicine in contemporary practice and integration and advances in health science.

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Our Keynote Speakers

Tina Hausser

Heilpraktikerin (HP), ND

1st Vice President, World Naturopathic Federation, Spain


Tina Hausser, Heilpraktikerin (HP), ND is a Naturopath with diploma in Germany and Spain and has been working for 22 years in Munich and Almuñécar/Granada in combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Traditional European Naturopathy (TEN). She has been teaching since 1997 in naturopathic schools in Germany, Slovenia and Spain in both disciplines and is brings forward her experience in combining both naturopathic health systems in clinical practice.

Tina studied 3 year in the oldest college for naturopathy in Germany, “Berufsfachschule für Naturheilweisen Josef Angerer” (since 1936), with recognition by the state of Germany. After graduating, she furthered her training in TCM and TEN, with two additional years of practical in Munich and 3 months in California. She was also had additional studies in tissue salts, homeopathy, phototherapy, spagyrik and classical naturopathic methods.

Tina passed the state exam for Heilpraktiker (HP) in 1995 in Germany and in 1996 opened her clinic in Munich with focus on TCM and TEN. In 2006, Tina moved to Spain where she opened a second clinic, Clinica Natural. Tina Hausser is the Vice President for international relationships of the Spanish Naturopathic Organization “Organización Colegial Naturopática OCN FENACO” and a member of the Federation of German Naturopaths “Fachverband Deutscher Heilpraktiker FDH”. Since 2015 she is the 1st Vice President of the World Naturopathic Federation WNF.

As an author, Tina has published numerous German books on natural medicine including “Akupunktur und Naturheilkunde – Das neue Therapiekonzept und die Umsetzung in die Praxis” ISBN: 3929732475; 1999; co author Werner Hemm (HP) – a reference about the combination of TCM and TEN in naturopathic treatments; “Spagyrische Einzelmittel: Die 50 wichtigsten Pflanzen im Porträt” ISBN: 3929338572; 2011; co author Werner Hemm (HP) – a book on quality and herbs; and “Chinesische Pulsdiagnose auf den Punkt gebracht” ISBN: 9781471793028; 2012 – a book about classical Chinese Pulse Diagnostic. She has published in German, Spanish and North American journals numerous articles about Naturopathy.

Prof Michael Heinrich

Professor Michael Heinrich

Pharmaceutical biologist, pharmacognosist and anthropologist

Centre for Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy, UCL School of Pharmacy, London (UK)


Michael Heinrich is a Professor of Ethnopharmacology and Medicinal Plant Research (Pharmacognosy) and was until recently the head of the research cluster ‘Biodiversity and Medicines’ at the UCL School of Pharmacy. He currently serves as the interim joint chair of UCL’s Research Ethics Committee (with Dr. L. Ang, Institute of Education).

The group’s research is based on a transdisciplinary perspective integrating approaches from the biomedical and social sciences with an overall aim of tackling the fast changing global health needs. Key areas of interest include the prevention and early stage management of diabetes / metabolic syndrome and cancer chemoprevention based on the use of traditional medicines as well as value chains of (herbal) medicinal products. The research integrates methodological approaches from ethnopharmacology, natural product research, public health research, and anthropology.

Sandra Clair

Sandra Clair

Herbalist and medical anthropologist

Artemis, New Zealand


Sandra Clair is the founder of traditional plant medicine company Artemis. She is a member of the NZAMH committee, aiming to help grow the professional body and promote the profession of medical herbalists. She is currently completing a PhD in Health Science at the University of Canterbury, looking at the health policy challenge in regulating traditional medicines in the era of contemporary evidence-based practice.

She actively works with media and the government to position plant medicine as an important healthcare option in New Zealand, and has a regular column on nzherald.co.nz discussing plant medicine and how it can assist in various ailments.

Dr Francesca Panzironi and Ngangkari healers

Dr Francesca Panzironi and Ngankari healers

Aṉangu Ngangkaṟi Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation



Dr Francesca Panzironi is the founder of Aṉangu Ngangkaṟi Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation (ANTAC)  and serves as Chief Executive Officer. 

Dr Panzironi traveled across South Australia for over four years (2008-2012) collecting evidence of the current status of Aboriginal Traditional Medicine in community and clinical settings. The findings of her research are published in Hand-in-Hand. Report on Aboriginal Traditional Medicine. Under the direction of the Ngangkaṟi Board, Francesca introduced a pioneering Ngangkaṟi service delivery model to support the maintenance and practice of the 60,000 year old Aboriginal traditional healing knowledge system. Francesca and the Ngangkaṟi created a range of Ngangkaṟi Services to reach out Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities, organisations, and individuals across Australia and overseas.

Dr. Panzironi is an international human rights academic who applied her knowledge and experience to create a platform for the recognition of the internationally recognised right of Indigenous Peoples to maintain and practice their traditional medicines within Australia’ s national health care system.

Special Events

Dr Francesca Panzironi and Ngankari healers

Ngangkari healers clinic

We are honoured to welcome the Ngangkaṟi healers to our International Conference. Ngangkaṟi means healer in Pitjantjatjara language. The Ngangkaṟi members of ANTAC are Aboriginal traditional healers from different communities in the APY lands located in the far north-west of South Australia.

Ngangkaṟi hold an ancient healing knowledge and practices handed down from generation to generation since time immemorial. The Ngangkaṟi came together to form their own organization – ANTAC – in order to reach out as many people as possible across different communities in Australia.

On Saturday, the Ngangari healers will be running a drop-in clinic for conference delegates.  This is a rare opportunity to experience a consultation and treatment with these remarkable healers.  This is not to be missed.


Dr Francesca Panzironi and Ngankari healers

Centenary Room

Our 11th International Conference marks the beginning of celebrations for the NHAA’s 100th birthday. As part of this, we will have a dedicated room tracing our progress over the past century and the changes that have occurred in herbal medicine, naturopathic and health practices.

This installation will include a historic library and scheduled, informal conversations with elders and legends of our profession.

A centenary program will soon be released, with more information.

Dr Francesca Panzironi and Ngankari healers

World Naturopathic Federation

The NHAA is proud to be hosting the World Naturopathic Federation’s General Assembly, which runs for two days prior to the International Conference. 

 WNF delegates from across the globe will be attending our conference, to help us celebrate our 100th year and build networks and friendships across the continents.


Program Highlights

Traditional Wisdom

Dr Francesca Panzironi and Ngankari healers

Amina Eastham-Hillier – Wildcrafting medicinal plants (workshop)

The rich and varied flora of Australia includes hundreds of medicinal and edible plants, but finding the right ones can be challenging, and it often takes experience to identify the correct species.

Join our very special Wildcrafting Herbal Medicines Workshop led by Amina Eastham-Hillier to learn how you can bring wildcrafting into your practice.

Discover the power of the plants found in our own backyards and communities. Amina is an experienced naturopath, medical herbalist, nutritionist and author with a wealth of knowledge to share.


Dr Francesca Panzironi and Ngankari healers

Dr Jason Hawrelak – Modifying the Microbiota With Herbs 

Dr Jason Hawrelak is a leading probiotic researcher, educator, and clinician.  His ProbioticAdvisor.com website hosts a database of hundreds of probiotic preparations, their strains and evidence for their use. Through his work, Dr Hawrelak has transformed the way thousands of practitioners manage gastrointestinal conditions and the microbiome.

Dr Hawrelak is also a senior lecturer in Complementary and Alternative Medicines at the University of Tasmania.


Dr Francesca Panzironi and Ngankari healers

Dr Sue Evans & Greg Whitten – Organolepsis (workshop) 

Seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting – is believing. This is a practical workshop where you will use your senses to assess herbal quality (organolepsis). You will also be invited to contribute to a Southern Cross University research project into organolepsis as part of the workshop. 

Sue Evans is a herbalist who has worked in clinical practice, education and research. She has published and lectured widely and enjoys exploring the interface between herbal medicine and history, philosophy, public health, politics and international development.

Greg Whitten has been growing, harvesting, drying, processing and marketing a wide range of organic medicinal herbs for 40 years now, mostly in Tasmania but also in Victoria for several years. He founded Southern Light Herbs in the early 1980s and has written a book, Herbal Harvest, on the organic growing of herbs. Since 2006 he has been involved in Goulds Natural Medicine in Hobart Tasmania, an apothecary, clinic and herb farm where many herbs and tinctures are grown, prepared and dispensed.



Dr Francesca Panzironi and Ngankari healers

Bettina Schmoll – Tongue diagnosis 

What can our bodies tell us when we know how to listen? 

Bettina can tell you whether you are having trouble focusing, pushing yourself too hard, or even if there is a link between your stress and your digestion just from your tongue. 

With a background in nursing in Australia and Germany, Bettina has 20 years clinical experience and a great deal of knowledge to share.

Program Highlights

Future Practice

Dr Stuart Glastonbury – Safety Based Practice 

Dr Glastonbury is a General Practitioner (GP) and medical herbalist with over 15 years clinical experience.

He has Fellowship of the Royal College of General Practitioners (FRACGP) and the NHAA and works in full time clinical practice in Nth NSW

He has a Diploma of Child health (Sydney Uni), is completing a Masters of Public Health (University of Newcastle) and served on the board of the NHAA for over 10 years as an Examiner and as Vice President.

Dr Glastonbury integrates western herbal medicine philosophy and practice with standard general practice in his clinic.

Dr Liza Oates & Dr Greg Connolly – the emerging seventh principle of holistic medicine

This session discusses the role of wellness and health promotion in holistic medicine.

Liza Oates PhD teaches Food as Medicine and Wellness Practices and Perspectives in the Postgraduate Wellness program at RMIT University.

Greg Connolly PhD  has 30 years experience as a clinician, academic researcher, and educator in Naturopathy, qualitative research, and medical ethics.   He’s currently a Senior Lecturer at the Southern School of Natural Therapies.

A/Prof Jon Wardle – Primary care, public health and health promotion impact of naturopathic providers in Australia

Jon is a Senior Lecturer in Public Health at the University of Technology Sydney and head of the Regulatory, Legislative and Policy Stream at the Australian Research Centre in Complementary and Integrative Medicine.

Jon has clinical backgrounds in nursing and naturopathy and postgraduate qualifications in public health, health law and health economics. Jon is co-convener of the Public Health Association of Australia’s Research Advisory Committee and its Complementary Medicine Special Interest Group.  He has worked on traditional medicine, public health and primary health care policy and regulatory initiatives with governments, non-government organisations and international bodies, including the World Naturopathic Federation.

Rachel Arthur  – Contemporary Naturopathy: A Discourse on Diagnostic Dualism

Rachel Arthur is a respected and widely published naturopath and registered nutritionist specialising in integrative nutrition and with a special interest in diagnostics. With over 20 years’ experience in both the clinic and the classroom, Rachel is considered a leading nutritional educator, delivering post-graduate training and mentoring to naturopaths, doctors and allied health care professionals alike.

Regularly asked to speak at key conferences and contribute work to authoritative texts, including all 4 editions of the award-winning:  Herbs & Natural Supplements – An Evidence Based Guide (Elsevier), she also delivers a popular monthly podcast Update in Under 30 and a post-graduate mentoring program for clinicians working with nutrition.  Rachel’s ongoing enthusiasm for integrative health and for education make her presentations practical and empowering experiences.


Janet Schloss  – Medicinal Cannabis: Why do Herbalists and Naturopaths need to know about it?

Janet has been in private practice as a naturopath and nutritionist for over 19 years and has completed her doctorate at the School of Medicine in the University of Queensland through the Princess Alexandra Hospital.  She has also lectured at the Endeavour College formerly known as the Australian College of Natural Medicine for over 14 years and is now a senior research officer with the Office of Research at Endeavour.

Janet also works part time as the Clinical Trial Coordinator in the Office of Research at Endeavour where she leads a number of different trials. One of her main trials is on medicinal cannabis and glioblastomas. In addition, Janet’s speciality is in cancer/oncology and chronic diseases. She sees a large number of patients who are enquiring and using medicinal cannabis as part of their treatment regimen.


Dr Amie Steel + TBA – The clinical application and value of urinary kryptopyrrole testing

Dr Amie Steel is a naturopath, educator and researcher in the field of complementary medicine (CM). She is currently employed as a Senior Research Fellow with the Australian Research Centre in Complementary and Integrative Medicine (Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney). Amie has a PhD from the University of Technology Sydney and has a leadership position in four practice-based research networks in Australian and New Zealand which includes Chair and Chief Investigator of the Practitioner Research and Collaboration Initiative (PRACI).


Program Highlights

Expand your knowledge

Carly Woods – Breathe Yourself to Better Health (Workshop)

Carly is the founder of Breath Reset, a Buteyko-centric breath retraining company. 

Carly has worked for Dr Nirala Jacobi at SIBO Doctor and SIBO test since 2016, been team leader and day 2 MC at the Australian Naturopathic Summit, and spent time in the dispensary at Mullumbimby Herbals for 1.5 years after graduation from Naturopathy.

Carly studied Buteyko Breath Therapy under Patrick McKeown in 2017, and has since run practitioner education workshops, patient centred immersions, and collaborations in both Northern NSW and Sydney. 

It is Carly’s passion to teach Buteyko, Naturopathic lifestyle therapies, and help people achieve resounding wellbeing.

In this workshop, practitioners will be taught three Buteyko Breathing techniques and the application of a breath retraining progress tool that they can use immediately in clinical practice to enhance patient outcomes.


Kerry Bone – Western Medicinal Plants for the Treatment of Acne

Kerry Bone, as the co-founder and Director of Research and Development, is the innovation driver at MediHerb. He is a practising herbalist/naturopath (34 years’ experience) in Toowoomba, Australia, and regularly lectures in Australia and overseas. As Associate Professor at the University of New England in Australia he developed their innovative program, the Masters of Health Science (Herbal Medicine). Kerry is a prolific author, with six published herbal medicine texts and is currently working on a seventh in Functional Phytotherapy. He has also published around 40 scientific papers in the field of herbal research.


Charmaine Dennis  – Connecting Your Business to the Vital Force

Charmaine Dennis is an inspired entrepreneur and leader with a strong passion for helping others to find their sweet spots in life and business. Surviving and thriving since a life-threatening acute leukaemia diagnosis in 2010, Charmaine embodies health, creativity, human connection and being of service as core principles of her life. Her greatest business accomplishment is the creation of the dynamic and highly successful multidisciplinary natural medicine practice Fertile Ground Health Group over the past 18 years. They are the go-to multi-disciplinary collaborative centre for fertility health services in Melbourne.


Gill Stannard  – Overcoming isolation in practice (workshop)

Gill Stannard is a naturopath and mentor with more than 27 years in clinical practice. She ran a successful multi-disciplinary clinic in Melbourne and graced the 3RRR airwaves for over 20 years, before relocating her business to Sydney.  

Gill was a senior lecturer at SSNT for 7 years, and has been a guest speaker at universities, teaching hospitals and international conferences. She is passionate about being a clinician and helping others reach their potential in both business and practice. Gill has been mentoring health professionals in 1997 and other than 1:1 sessions, co-leads an annual practitioner retreat in Bali.


Dawn Whitten – Breastmilk Microbiome and Glycobiome

Dawn Whitten is a Naturopath, Herbalist and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She has a broad-base of clinical experience with a focus on women’s health through pregnancy and beyond, as well as infant and toddler health. She has been in clinical practice for 15 years. She is published in the peer-reviewed literature and has contributed to clinical textbooks. Dawn coordinates two units within the Evidence-based Complementary Medicine Program in the College of Health & Medicine at the University of Tasmania. She is part of the research team at Probitic.Advisor.com and a clinical director at Goulds Natural Medicine in Hobart.


Dr Greg Connolly – Cancer patients, complementary medicine, and the hospital system

Greg Connolly, PhD (Medical Anthropology) – Greg Connolly is a naturopathic practitioner, educator and mentor. He was in full time clinical practice for 22 years with a focus on cancer care and recently completed his PhD on cancer patients, complementary medicine, and the hospital system. Greg’s PhD was funded by Commonwealth scholarship and supervised through the School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne. Greg has taught at the Southern School of Natural Therapies since 1992 in naturopathic philosophy, naturopathic clinical medicine, herbal medicine, and clinical supervision.


All Speakers

Name Organisation
Ms Jenny Adams Foundation House
Dr Susan Arentz Australian Journal Of Herbal And Naturopathic Medicine
Ms Rachel Arthur Rachel Arthur Nutrition
Dr Zahra Ayati Mashhad University Of Medical Sciences
Prof Kerry Bone MediHerb
Ms Candace Borg Northcote Natural Therapies
Mr Ian Breakspear Endeavour College of Natural Health
Dr Rachel Canaway The University of Melbourne
Mrs Shannon Carlin ReMed
Mr David Casteleijn NHAA
Miss Cherie Caut Endeavour College of Natural Health
Ms Sally Chick
Ms Sandra Clair Artemis
Dr Greg Connolly Southern School Of Natural Therapies Laureate
Ms Charmaine Dennis Fertile Ground Health Group
Mrs Jill Dunn PhD Student
Mrs Amina Eastham-Hillier Noosa Holistic Health
Dr Sue Evans
Dr Stuart Glastonbury
Ms Kim Graham University Of Technology, Sydney And Endeavour College
Ms Julianne Grant Optimalrx
Ms Rhiannon Hardingham Fertile Ground Health Group
Dr Joanna Harnett The University of Sydney
Tina Hausser, Heilpraktiker World Naturopathic Federation
Dr Jason Hawrelak University Of Tasmania
Mrs Geraldine Headley Highgate Proactive Health
Professor Michael Heinrich UCL School of Pharmacy
Mr Mark Hinchey Highgate Proactive Health
Dr Christine Houghton Cell-logic Pty Ltd
Ms Rebecca Hughes
Ms Judy Jacka Jacka Foundation Of Natural Therapies
Dr Nirala Jacobi The Biome Clinic
Mr Laurence Katsaras Metagenics
Ms Diana Koblos
Dr Matthew Leach University Of South Australia
Ms Sandra Lucas University Of South Australia
Ms Sally Mathrick Sound Medicine
Mrs Alison Maunder Northern Beaches Health And Fertility
Dr Brad McEwen
Dr Erica McIntyre University Of Technology Sydney
Dr Glenn McLaren Swinburne University Of Technology
Ms Daen Medina Director of Natural Family Healthcare
Ms Kerrie Oakes
Dr Liza Oates
Dr Francesca Panzironi Anangu Ngangkari Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation (ANTAC)
Mr Jason Rainforest Endeavour College Of Natural Health
Mr Phil Rasmussen
Ms Rebecca Reid Endeavour College Of Natural Health
A/Prof Karin Ried National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM)
Dr Ses Salmond Liverpool Women's Health Centre
Dr Janet Schloss Office Of Research, Endeavour College Of Natural Health
Ms Bettina Schmoll Endeavour College of Natural Health
Dr Judy Singer University Centre For Rural Health
Ms Catherine Smith ACNT / SSNT
Ms Gill Stannard
Dr Amie Steel Australian Research Centre In Complementary Medicine, University Of Technology Sydney
Mr Robert Thomas
Mr Michael Thomsen
Ms Sandra Villella
Dr Jon Wardle University Of Technology Sydney
Mr Greg Whitten Goulds Natural Medicine
Ms Dawn Whitten University Of Tasmania
Ms Carly Woods Breath Reset

Pullman Melbourne Albert Park

65 Queens Rd, Albert Park VIC

The 11th Herbal and Naturopathic International Conference is organised and run by the NHAA. 2020 marks the 100 year anniversary of the association and has inspired the theme for the upcoming International Conference, Traditional Wisdom, Future Practice

The 11th Herbal and Naturopathic International Conference is organised and run by the NHAA. 2020 marks the 100 year anniversary of the Association and has inspired the theme for the upcoming International Conference, Traditional Wisdom, Future Practice.

Pullman Melbourne Albert Park

65 Queens Rd, Albert Park VIC